Warranty and support included with your product purchase from Ragile Networks


Warranty Policy

• Ragile Networks Warranty and Support Summary

Warranty and support included with your product purchase from Ragile Networks for all previous warranty information


• Definition of the Warranty Term

Products Hardware Support support (OS / Firmware) Remote Technical Support
Warranty Period RMA/DOA - Return for Repair (RFR)* Advance Hardware Replacement (AHR)** Software Updates TAC Support (7x14 Online) Online Self-Services Support
RA-B6510-48V8C 1 Year 9×5×15CD-Ship  
RA-BS6500-32H 1 Year 9×5×15CD-Ship  
RA-B6510-32C 1 Year 9×5×15CD-Ship  
RA-B6910-64C 1 Year 9×5×15CD-Ship  
RA-B6810-3S 1 Year 9×5×15CD-Ship  
RA-B6920-4S 1 Year 9×5×15CD-Ship  
RA-B6920-32QC2X 1 Year 9×5×15CD-Ship  
RA-B6520-24DC8QC 1 Year 9×5×15CD-Ship  
RA-B6520-48C8QC 1 Year 9×5×15CD-Ship  
RA-B6930-64QC 1 Year 9×5×15CD-Ship  
RA-B6930-128DC 1 Year 9×5×15CD-Ship  
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    A warranty is available during a specific time period (the “Warranty Period”) commencing from the Warranty Start Date. The Warranty Start Date will be activated 90 days after original shipment by Ragile Networks, See the Ragile Networks Standard Warranty Terms at for more details.

  • 2

    Return For Repair may be 9×5×15CD-Ship or No SLA. Delivery time is calculated from the time when Ragile Authorized Service Representative accepts the faulty parts to the time when Ragile repair center sends out the spare part(s).

  • 3

    All generally available software releases can be downloaded during the warranty period after purchase of product. And the software releases will be accessible on the official website at

  • 4

    7x14 remote technical support is provided Ragile Service Portal for the entire warranty period for the purposes of diagnosing hardware or software defects.

  • 5

    Fifteen (15) Calendar Days (“15CD-Ship”); Delivery time may vary depending on customer shipping location and the Ragile Networks Spare Parts Centre location and is performed on a best effort basis. Customers should allow for additional transit time due to international customs.


Ragile Service Product Overview

Ragile network provides professional service products for customers who purchase products, which can meet different levels of service requirement for customers. If needed, the customer can contact the local sales team of Ragile Networks for further consultation.

Service Category Service Item Warranty Type
9x5x15CD-S Basic RFR Service

9x5xNBD Standard AHR Service

24x7x4 Golden AHR Service

9x5xNBD Standard Onsite Service

24x7x4 Golden Onsite Service

Remote Technical Support TAC Support
Online Self-help Support
Operating System (OS) Software Support Software Updates
RFR Service

RFR 9x5x15CD-ship

Advanced Hardware Replacement 9x5xNBD      
Onsite Support 9x5xNBD        


• Disclaimer of Warranties

The current version of this document is provided in lieu of all other rights, conditions, and warranties. Ragile Networks makes no other express or implied warranty with respect to the software, hardware, products, documentation, or support from Ragile Networks, including, without limitation, any warranty of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement of third party rights. Ragile Networks does not assure that any product will be error-free, or that any defect that may exist in its product can be corrected. In no event shall Ragile Networks be liable for cost of procurement of substitute goods, lost profits, or any other special, indirect, consequential, or incidental damage (including but not limited to lost data) however caused, regardless of whether Ragile Networks has been advised of the possibility of such damage.




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