Open19 Networking Solution

Simple, fast, low-cost, and integral overall rack quick delivered

Solution Overview

Open19 networking complies with the open standards of the Open19 Foundation and aims to create a new open integral overall rack solution. The purpose is can fit any 19” Rack environment for server, storage, and networking, Through cages, bricks, power shelf, switches are connected with customized cables, as an integrated overall rack, Delivery business quickly and support the continued rapid growth of the business.


An important purpose of the Open19 project is suitable for large, medium and small data centers, including dozens of server racks to large data centers with more than 100,000 servers, can be quickly deployed, saving space and CapEx costs.


With the popularity of mobile Internet and 5G technology, the Open19 architecture is particularly suitable for edge computing scenarios. The plug-and-play standardization and automation capabilities can meet the rapid deployment and delivery of services while providing a higher level of SLA service.

Key Features Open19

What Ragile offers?

Ragile actively participated in the Open19 open standard, and developed and launched the latest Bolt Switch--BS6500-32H that conforms to the Open19 standard.

The Ragile BS6500-32H is a new generation high performance and high density 50G switch comply with Open19TM specification, which provide 3.2Tbps in-band and 51Gbps out-of-band switching capacity to driven a large-scale wire-speed non-blocking network.



8 × QSFP28 100G up-link Ports

48 × 50G Ports

48 × 1G Out-of-band Ports

Base on Broadcom BCM56960 (Tomahawk)

Up to 3.2 Tb/s

Up to 3.3 Bpps

Wire speed L2/L3 forwarding

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