A site is based on three-levels of ToR + Leaf + Spine. ToR + Leaf constitutes Server-Pod, and each Server-Pod supports a standard number of server scales. As a standard delivery unit, builds a huge data center with a scale of 100,000 servers by horizontally expanding the number of Server-Pods.

ToR / Leaf / Spine switches all use high-performance single-chip Box devices. Compared with traditional Chassis multi-chip switch networking, they can greatly reduce hardware costs, power costs and space costs, and reduce 2X~3X end-to-end packet forwarding hops to reduce forwarding delay.


Key Features of Date Center
Network Solution

Ragile provides the network switches
in the data center

Ragile provides you with a fully open white box switch that supports 10G/25G/40G/100G/200G/400G interfaces, and all support open source NOS such as SONiC, which can be used to build a complete large-scale data center network to support the continuous operation of business.

Focus on white box switches and bare-metal switches, and actively follow up with the most advanced network technologies and chip products. Based on advanced technology dividends and bandwidth dividends, the core competitiveness of the data center business will be enhanced.

The R & D team of more than 200 people and 20 years of network hardware and NOS development experience can provide efficient and accurate network products and solutions.

Actively participate in mainstream software and hardware open source organizations, such as OCP, Open19, etc., and actively cooperate with third-party NOS, such as SONiC, Cumulus, etc.

Revenue based on white box
switches of Ragile

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