Denoising of O&M
Data Based On Programmable

Solution Overview

For modern ultra-large-scale data centers, in order to improve the stability and reliability of the network and better support the stable operation of the business, massive operation and maintenance(O&M) data needs to be collected from all network devices on a regular or real time,including device status and network status.


In order to further improve the granularity of network monitoring, more and more high-precision data is collected in real time, which puts a lot of pressure on the computing and storage of the network operation and maintenance platform and high cost


Actually,a large amount of “Rpeated” low-value O&M data is generated during the normal. We only need to care about those “SPECIAL” data, means something bad happened


We need to De-duplicate and De-noise

Tier0 sends the INT packets of the specified session to the Programmable network unit(PNU) based on the ACL
Collector apply related configuration to PNU X86 via Netconf based on demand
The control plane of the PNU inserts filtering rule entries into the ASIC, performs filtering preprocessing, and sends Collectors through UDP packets


Key Features of DOPS
networking Solution

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