Ragile Networks Made Their Appearance at OCP Summit

Release time:2020-06-04 16:40:45

The OCP Virtual Summit was held on May 12th,2020. This is the second time that Ragile Networks has attended this grand event.

At OCP, Ragile Networks showcased a full set of 25/50/100/400GbE-based bare-metal switches with demonstrations. Facing thesingle-chip data center architecture, Ragile released RA-B6510-48V8C, RA-B6910-64C,RA-B6920-4S, RA-B6810-3S, RA-B6920-32QC2X and RA-B6900-48L8C, covering the roles of ToR, Leaf and Spine. Among them, RA-B6810-3S uses BRCM's Jericho2 chip, the whole machine provides 96 * 100GbE interfaces, and RA-B6900-48L8C as an Open19 standard-compliant switch provides 48 * 50GbE and 8 * 100G ports.




Ragile Networks is committed to network business, deeply rooted in the industry, and focusing on the design and innovation of scenario-based solutions. They are helping organizations with their digital transformation and upgrade across the whole industry. Their well-trained R&D engineers are adept at NOS development and accumulate informed insights into ASIC and SKD. They also have rich experience in developing Chassis core devices.


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