Ragile Develops Advanced 50G / 100G Data Center Switches for Open19

Release time:2020-06-04 11:22:07

Open19 networking complies with the open standards of the Open19 Foundation and aims to create a new open integral overall rack solution. The purpose is can fit any 19" Rack environment for server, storage, and networking, Through cages, bricks, power shelf, switches are connected with customized cables, as an integrated overall rack, Delivery business quickly and support the continued rapid growth of the business.

As a follower of an open networking of data center, Ragile actively followed up on the Open19 standardized architecture, and development white box switch BS6500- 32H for Open19 that compliance with the Open19 network specification.

BS6500-32H provides high density 48- port 50G in-band interface and 48-port 1G out-of-band interface and 8-port 100G Quad Small Form-Factor Pluggable (QSFP28) up-link interface supporting 25/100Gbps high performance flexible­scale datacenter networks. All 50G and 1G interface can be connected to Open19 servers with Molex Impel break-out cable. BS6500-32H is Broadcom ICOS certified and equipped with a x86 CPU and BMC. The switch can also be used as a bare metal switch, customer can install any NOS needed.

About Ragile Networks

Ragile Network, founded in 2020 and headquartered in San Jose, is committed to the development and progress of open networking of data center, providing customers with 25G / 50G / 100G / 200G / 400G white box/Bare-mental switches to create a more open and flexible data center network, At the same time, Ragile insists on open hardware and open software, as well as creating an open ecological environment with partners. For more information, please visit www.ragilenetworks.com


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