Ragile Networks Releases Industry’s First Near-packaged Optics (NPO) + Cold Plate Switch

Release time:2021-11-11 11:20:50

San Jose, November 10, 2021

Ragile Networks Inc., a California based open network solution provider, released a new 64*400G data center switch, RA-BC6932-64X1-DR4, on 2021 OCP Global Summit. The product is the first Near-packaged Optics (NPO) switch that adopts cold plate cooling system in the industry, it marks Ragile Networks’ qualification for the “silicon optics pioneer” club.

In recent years, driven by IDC demand, the rapid increase of bandwidth and signal rate has brought huge challenges to signal transmission distance and chip power. Therefore the industry is actively exploring on-board optical (OBO) modules and co-package optical (CPO) solutions to shorten the distance between the silicon chip and the optical module as much as possible. Inspired by the OBO and CPO solutions, Ragile Networks combines the advantages of the two, and comes up with their version of Near-packaged Optics (NPO) solution, which is first applied on the RA-BC6932-64X1-DR4 switch.


RA-BC6932-64X1-DR4 is a cloud-scale datacenter switch with near-packaged optics (NPO) and cold plate cooling technology. Driven by 112Gbps SERDES based 25.6Tbps switch ASIC, the switch introduces ultra-high density 64-port 400GbE DR4 optics in only 1RU chassis by using SN-MT optic interface. The switch also provide 8 QSFP-DD form external laser source (ELS) / remote laser source (RLS) interface at front panel for co-packaged optics module laser input.



To avoid heating issues caused by the more integrated components, the switch is equipped with a cold plate cooling system to keep the high heat flux density switch ASIC and near-packaged optic modules in low working temperature, providing high system reliability. By using a non-conductive coolant, the switch can keep safe and no short-circuit risk even leakage happens. A built-in coolant micro-leak detection system will help to improve rack level reliability.



The platform also provides hot-pluggable 1+1 redundancy power module and 3+1 redundancy cooling fan module to meet the high reliability requirement of datacenter and carrier networks.

“Ragile Networks is a fresh ship yet with incredibly experienced sailors”, said Ethan Gao, the CEO of Ragile, “With RA-BC6932-64X1-DR4, we hope to showcase our strong R&D capabilities, so the industry knows better about us. Meanwhile we clearly understand that this product won’t be feasible without other fellow OCP members’ generous sharing. We’re launching this NPO + cold plate switch at OCP Global Summit, sharing the details of the design also to contribute to this precious eco-system.”



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