Why Ragile?

Ragile Networks Inc. specializes in providing products and solutions for data center networks. Its name “Ragile” consists of two parts: the letter “R” refers to the first letter of “rapid”, while the second part is the word “agile”. This represents the company's commitment to providing customers with “fast, agile and open” products and services.

With a number of R&D and manufacturing centers around the world, and industry-leading professional R&D and testing teams, Ragile has a deep understanding and rich experience in the R&D of technologies such as NOS, ASIC and SDK. With a precise understanding of customer needs in the data center scenario and a strong technological innovation capability, Ragile aims to provide the industry's most complete portfolio of data center network products and solutions for its global customers, including a full series of 25/50/100/200/400GbE-based bare metal data center switches. On top of that, Ragile dedicates itself to ensuring delivery and providing professional services for Hyperscale data center networks.

Looking to the future, Ragile will bring more open, agile network experiences to each organization and individual, helping users achieve digital transformation and giving them an edge in the market.

Our Mission&Vision

What We Live For?

The Future Belongs to Those Who Create: Stand on Ragile

Currently, the global innovation landscape is undergoing tremendous changes. For one thing, innovation is trending toward multi-polarization and globalization has been growing steadily; for another, economic growth is increasingly dependent on technological innovation. Changes define our era and this is the biggest challenge faced by modern enterprises.

Change is exciting because it brings endless possibilities. Amid such circumstances, staying agile and open is critical for any business to adapt to this ever-changing business world.

Ragile's mission is to provide customers with agile, open and flexible network solutions, to assist customers in building cloud data centers that serve as "smart hubs", providing a new driving force for business innovation and ultimately helping enterprises take on the rapidly changing information age.

Agility, openness and flexibility are embedded in Ragile's DNA, supported by Ragile's strong R&D team and years' experience in serving hyperscale data centers, as well as its global coverage of 50+ countries/regions. We are confident that we can help you innovate and weather any storm with you in the new era.

Let Ragile be the one you stand on to shift the information age!

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