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Every year, we invest 15% of our sales revenue in research and development, and 30% of our research and development funds are invested in high-end technology pre-research


We are committed to rooting in the industry, in-depth scenarios for product design and innovation

Data Center Open Networking Solution A site is based on three-levels of ToR + Leaf + Spine. ToR + Leaf constitutes Server-Pod, and each Server-Pod supports a standard number of server scales. As a standard delivery unit, builds a huge data center with a scale of 100,000 servers by horizontally expanding the number of Server-Pods. more
Denoising of O&M Data Based on Programmable Switch For modern ultra-large-scale data centers, in order to improve the stability and reliability of the network and better support the stable operation of the business, massive operation and maintenance(O&M) data needs to be collected from all network devices on a regular or real time,including device status and network status. more
Open19 Networking Solution Open19 networking complies with the open standards of the Open19 Foundation and aims to create a new open integral overall rack solution. The purpose is can fit any 19” Rack environment for server, storage, and networking, Through cages, bricks, power shelf, switches are connected with customized cables, as an integrated overall rack, Delivery business quickly and support the continued rapid growth of the business. more

What Makes Us Unique

  • 20 years of independent innovation
  • In depth scenario design products and Solutions
  • Help the digital transformation and upgrading of enterprise industry users

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